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Contest details \\ Interior Design

Project Brief

Turning Everyday Spaces into Extraordinary Places

With daily routines making it very easy to take our repetitive behaviours for granted, ideas that make the most of the littlest design opportunities can greatly improve the lifestyles of many.

Envision a space that takes into consideration the social, economical, and cultural aspects of design, making it conducive for its users to carry out their activities. Whether it is a location for personal use, a corporate workspace, or a public facility, come up with a design that addresses a crucial need and fulfils its purpose well beyond expectations, in a remarkable, new way. Your project layout’s size can go up to a maximum of 30,000 square feet.

the originality of your idea

practicality and organisation

the ease of use

the ability to last through the future

the scale of the need and how well it fulfils its purpose

Heart for the community
catering to the community's needs

Green design
eco-friendly designs that are beneficial to the environment

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