Nippon Micaceous Iron Oxide

Nippon Micaceous Iron Oxide is an alkyd-based coating pigmented with micaceous iron oxide. It is recommended for use as protective coating on steel structures. It may be overcoated with alkyd based finish or left uncoated

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Nippon Aqua WoodGuard

Nippon Aqua WoodGuard is a quick drying water-based coating, specially formulated using Advanced Polyurethane Dispersion (PUD) technology. The coating protects timber surfaces from the harmful effects of UV ray and enhances the natural beauty of wood grains with a long lasting finish. It has good durability and flexibility, suitable for decks and outdoor furniture


Nippon WoodGuard

Nippon WoodGuard is an air-drying type of polyurethane which does not require any addition of hardener. It dries quickly to a glossy, durable finish while enhancing the character of the natural grains of wood. With its enhanced UV protection property and flexibility, the varnish protects timber surfaces from the damaging effects of UV rays, making it ideal for exterior deck and outdoor furniture


Should You Paint The House Or Hire Painters To Do It?

DIY Project VS Hiring A Home Painter HDB 4-room at Bendemeer by De Exclusive Interior Group So you've just gotten the keys to your new HDB home. You open the door for the first time and perform your rituals by rolling a pineapple in while shouting “huat ah!”, in true Singaporean style. You look at the cement walls like canvases awaiting their first stroke of paint. Hmm, will it be a pastel or neutral palette? But before you bring out the home decor magazines and bookmarked Pinterest pages, the first question remains: paid job or DIY project? If you're torn between rolling up your sleeves...


5 Colour Schemes From Movies You Can Draw Inspiration From

If you're thinking of giving your space an update but don't want to invest in new furniture you don't need, a splash of some fresh colour on those walls might be just what you need. Step out of your comfort zone and away from boring all-white walls and ceilings. Instead, draw some new colour inspiration from the big screen. Check out these five colour schemes we picked out from Nippon Paint, inspired by a few famous films. 1. The Grand Budapest Hotel "The Grand Budapest Hotel", produced by American Empirical Pictures et al. The 2014 comedy is a great one to start with. Director Wes Anderson is known...


How To Prevent Wall Paint From Fading Out

Your cookies are in the oven, and the drinks are chilled. You're excited to show off your new home after months of redecorating. In fact, you're convinced your friends will be awed and realise you have the best looking apartment among them. Then they come over and ask if the fading paint is avant-garde. You follow their laughter and see the paint you painstakingly applied on the walls months ago two shades lighter than you remember. Yes, your paint has faded. And your reputation as the most beautiful apartment owner looks just as sad as your paint job right now. But not to worry, here are three...


5 Places You Probably Forgot to Factor in Paint For

Pakula Piortr/ You walk into your revamped home and soak up the warmth of your surroundings. With its new paint job, the Georgian crown molding is an extraordinary display. The cocoa kitchen cabinet looks phenomenal even with its transparent tarps on. The faultless bright walls lift your spirits and instantly washes away the rotten day you had at work. It pleases you that this is the place you call home. You grin and think to yourself, the paint job has surpassed your expectations. Or so you think. You peek into the toilet and, uh oh, you finally see it – the exposed pipe under...


10 Painting Terms You Should Know Before Buying Paint

Daylightistanbul Studio/ If you're anything like me, you probably came into this project thinking "It's just painting a wall, how hard could it be?". But a visit to the paint store quickly changes your opinion. Seemingly endless cans of paint line the walls, and they're all labelled with obscure shades of colours you've never heard before and technical terms you don't understand. Primers, sealers, Medifresh, what does it all mean? Fear not, we're here to help you break it all down: 1. Primer Many DIY painters neglect the priming step before painting even though priming is...

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