5 Ways To Have A Lush Indoor Garden

A cactus is the perfect example of an indoor plant - compact and self-sustaining. Photo credit: Pixabay Wouldn't you love waking up to a lush garden within your home every morning? The kind of fresh happiness blooms and soothing greens impart are unbeatable to any other. A garden provides a sense of fulfilment, relief and a feeling of freshness in your home. The only constraint? Limited space and time. Not everyone lives in a bungalow with a huge yard to grow a bunch of trees or germinate a full-fledged kitchen garden. But don’t worry - it's all about utilizing your confined space and making the...


5 Steps To Painting Your Dream Home

Paint your dream home in the colours of your choice. Picture source: Pixabay They say home is where the heart is. If your heart has found its way to a new house, it's time to set it up in style! In an era where products and services are available on hire through the tap of a phone, who needs a physical space anymore? You don't need to spend time visiting a store and spending hours choosing your paint and equipment. Mobile applications not only ease out the reach of one's hands but also credit extra time in your account to do something you like. Invest that free time in making your dream home a reality - pick a...


How Existing Wall Conditions Affect Painting

Whether you are engaging Professional Painters to help you paint your walls or you're looking to Do It by Yourself, you will definitely find this infographic useful. This infographic covers everything you need to know on How Existing Wall Conditions Will Affect Painting such as quick paint facts, major culprits of paint issues, key impacts of such issues and last but not least, helpful tips to make your painting experience enjoyable....


Colour Paint Chart

Nippon Paint Colour Paint Chart presents the full range of our colours in neatly organised colour families.

Seeking Adventure

Travel the world and explore the unknown in Seeking Adventure. As we understand the environmental challenges faced by our planet, we feel a sense of urgency to experience it at its fullest. In the Asia region, adventure follows affluence with a developing fascination with deep sea diving signaling an urge to roam more freely. From the highest mountain to the deepest ocean, it’s time to awaken the explorer within us all.

Essential Balance

With a meditative approach, Essential Balance reflects our innate need to take time out in quiet reflection. As we strip back the unnecessary to focus on the vital, we experience renewed appreciation of slow crafts and a natural aesthetic. In a region such as Asia with its multiple cultures, it is the universality of this message that unifies....

Conscious Being

We live in a digital age and with each day as technology becomes smarter and more intuitive we confront the blurring line between human and machine. In facing this uncharted territory, there is an equal feeling of excitement and natural tension. As a global leader in both development and interaction with technology, South East Asia is perfectly poised to embrace this trend of Conscious Being.

Transient Glow

Transient Glow takes us on an ethereal journey through a dreamlike palette. A resurgence in appreciation of the surrealist art movement hints at our attraction to the poetic and intriguing. The layers of transparency and light refraction create an optimistic and positive atmosphere with special resonance in the Asian market where an affinity with this style of design reflects an outward-looking culture.


Colours of Fortune 2018 - Dog 年份 / Years : 1946、1958、1970、1982、1994、2006、2018 流年狗忠实可靠,正义公平。进入2018戊戌本命年,是犯太岁年,又遇「剑锋」凶星入命,全年运势动荡起伏,工作或者生活中看似进展顺利的事情,暗地里埋伏着陷阱,有不少突发状况出现。凡事不可太乐观,要做好万全的准备,以面对突变。今年适宜多举办喜事,所谓一喜挡三灾,...


Colours of Fortune 2018 - Pig 年份 / Years : 1935、1947、1959、1971、1983、1995、2007 猪心地善良,今年遇「化禄」星入命,有贵人吉星扶持,全年运势明显好转,有望展翅高飞。今年好事成双,得天意的祝福,工作上有职位高升的喜事发生,左右逢源,又得吉星「地解」的护佑,即使遇到困难,也能得贵人的帮助下化险为夷。 Individuals born in the year of the Pig are kind, calm, and compassionate. Lady luck is shining on you this 2018!...

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