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Designers Of Choice
De Exclusive Interior Group Pte Ltd
De Exclusive Interior Group was established in 1996 with. We have withstood the test of time, and other challenges, to be among the top interior-designing firms in Singapore now. We have since expanded rapidly, and boast of a professional team of designers and craftsmen, who are all more than capable of whipping up tasteful designs and high-quality works.

Since our creation, De Exclusive has served up piece after pieces of inspired designs for our clients, who always demand for nothing but the best. We has also distinguished ourselves from the others with our creative, unique and ever-changing ideas, so never will two designs be the same, providing the clients with De Exclusive Experience.

De Exclusive has built up a clientele of satisfied customers. We have established portfolios and credentials of work from projects of HDB flats, condominiums, landed apartments and commercial offices among others. All of which have seen their dream design turned into solid reality, and are best testaments for De Exclusive quality services. They are the living proof of De Exclusive Experience.

At De Exclusive, you can expect:

* Creative, unique designs
* Space planning
* Budget projection & planning
* Professional and quality workmanship
* Constant, stringent supervision of projects
* Highly experienced and skilled craftsmen whom all have been in their
* trade for at least 5 years

All the renovation works are also under insurance coverage, to give our clients a peace of mind. All these are part of De Exclusive experience. Call us now to experience it. You may also wish to request for a quotation via our Request Form.

They say a picture paints a thousand words. So, let our designs do the talking.

Come into De Exclusive Experience.


3 Room HDB Flats

The new subject of obsession for many young, newly wedded couples, 3 room HDB flats have seen a meteoric rise in demand recently. The compact sizes of the flats allow a higher budget for the clients, to turn those 2 bedroom units into their mini heaven, and enjoy the bliss of marriage. Singular themes can be easily created to match the requests of clients, under the advise of our professional designers.

4 Room HDB Flats POWER

A popular choice among downgrading condominium owners, and up-grading young couples who are expecting a little addition to their lives. Its size is comparable to a condominium and perfect for a newly expanded small family.
The designs catered for such units center around a more family feel, while keeping the zesty touch of freshness and style by our designers


These are the studio, or service apartments that are very sensitive to designs and themes. Beyond the front doors will be different worlds that matches the profiles and requests of the owners of such worlds. They are generally single, or successful individuals who have a delicate taste for artistic designs.

Private Condominiums

Private Condominiums are less sensitive to buyers demographics. It has single professionals, or families as the owners. This means there is much more variety in choosing the large pool of idea that can allow our team to run their creativity on!

Landed Properties

To you, these are larger houses. To our artists, they are larger canvasses.
The bigger spaces gives you a bigger space for imagination, and gives us a bigger space for creativity. So allow your imagination to run wild, and allow us to whip it out for you.


Corporate Offices

The office is the centre of any businesses activities. Thus, it design and renovations are essential. A well-designed, swanky office will have impress your clients and business partners during meetings, and pave the way for the
company next big deal. It worth noting that a well done-up and conducive office boosts employees morals and ups their productivity for the company.


Being well-reputed and trusted in the industry, De Exclusive is the widely-acclaimed choice when it comes to handling bigger interior designing and renovation projects. On-time delivery, creative designs and high quality workmanship are the reasons behind many successful big-scale housing and commercial projects.

Clubs & Restaurants

In the volatile, competitive and fast-paced food & beverage industry, an industry leader winning edge comes from beyond just the menu. Good food and drinks satisfies the taste-buds, but good atmosphere and decoration provides the icing that caps up an intriguing dining and drinking experience. Count on De Exclusive to whip up a culinary delight in terms of wonderful design and craftwork for your establishments, and keep your customers coming back for more!
Primary Address
50 Serangoon North Avenue 4
#07-08 First Centre
Singapore 555856
Primary Telephone
Tel: +65 6570 0701
Primary Facsimile
Fax: +65 6570 0706
Primary Email

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  1. This contract is made between the Approved Applicator and the Customer identified in the Professional Painting Services Order Form ("Contract").
  2. Prior to the commencement of the painting work, the Approved Applicator will conduct a site inspection in the presence of the Customer at the address given in the Order Form. The Approved Applicator will evaluate the condition of the site and make his recommendations (e.g. the use of sealers) and/or additional services (e.g. the painting of doors) to the Customer during the site inspection.
  3. Upon agreement of the painting work to be done and the painting package required, the Customer shall verify that the specifications of the painting work set out in the Order Form are correct before the Approved Applicator confirms and accepts the Order Form. If an error in the specifications is discovered after the Order Form has been confirmed and accepted by the Approved Applicator, the Customer shall be responsible for any and all additional costs and expenses payable to correct the erroneous specifications.
  4. The Customer shall pay a minimum deposit of S$ 200 upon confirmation and acceptance of the Order Form by the Approved Applicator. The deposit is non-refundable and will be forfeited upon cancellation or expiry of this Contract. If the Customer cancels this Contract after the pre-painting site inspection has been carried out, the Customer shall be liable for all costs and expenses incurred by the Approved Applicator in preparing for the painting work (including the cost of any material acquired for the painting work). The deposit shall be used to off-set such costs and expenses and the Customer shall be liable to pay the balance amount to the Approved Applicator.
  5. The Customer may indicate his or her preferred painting date, but the preferred painting date is subject to the Approved Applicator's availability. The Approved Applicator shall perform the painting work on the agreed painting date in accordance with the specifications set out in the Order Form.
  6. Upon completion of the painting work, the balance amount for the painting work set out in the Order Form shall immediately become due and payable.
  7. All payments (including the deposit and the balance amount) payable under this Contract shall be paid by cheque and the cheque shall be made payable to:-

    Nippon Paint (Singapore) Co. Pte Ltd
    1, First Lok Yang Road Jurong
    Singapore 629728

    who will process the payment on behalf of the Approved Applicator. The Approved Applicator confirms that payment to Nippon Paint (Singapore) Co. Pte Ltd shall be deemed payment to the Approved Applicator.

  8. The Approved Applicator, and not Nippon Paint (Singapore) Co. Pte Ltd, shall be personally liable for any loss, damage, costs or expenses, arising directly or indirectly in connection with the performance of the painting work, including but not limited to, the failure of the Approved Applicator, its employees, agents or sub-contractors to:-
    1. complete the painting work in accordance with the specifications set out in the Order From;
    2. complete the painting work by the deadline agreed with the Customer; or
    3. ensure that the Customer's premises and/or furniture are protected from any damage arising from the performance of the painting work.
  9. The Order Form is valid for one (01) year from the Confirmation Date indicated on the Order Form (the "Validity Period"). If the Customer does not arrange with the Approved Applicator to commence with the painting work before the end of the Validity Period, the Order Form shall lapse and cease to be binding on the Approved Applicator upon the expiry of the Validity Period.
  10. All painting packages offered are based on 5 standard colours (including white) of finishing coat, and include painting of ceilings using Nippon Paint Matex White only. The Customer may select more than 5 standard colours, but each additional colour shall be charged at the cost of S$50.00 per colour.
  11. This Contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore and the parties agree to submit any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Contract to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Singapore.
  12. The terms and conditions of this Contract represent the entire agreement between the parties in relation to the matters set out in the Oder Form. This Contract may not be amended, modified or varied except by a written supplemental agreement signed between the parties.
  13. A term of this Contract that is, or becomes, invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any way, shall not in any way affect the other terms or conditions of this Contract.
  14. Except for Nippon Paint (Singapore) Co. Pte Ltd, a person who is not a party to this Contract shall have no right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act (Chapter 35B) to enforce any of its terms, regardless of whether such person or entity has been identified by name, as a member of a class or as answering a particular description.
  15. The parties hereby agree to the terms and conditions of this Contract as set out above:
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    Signature / Date
    Customer's Name
    Signature / Date
    * Refer to Nippon Paint Professional Painting Service Brochure or visit our website at www.nipponpaint.com.sg for more details. * Please call Nippon Paint Customer Service hotline at 6319 7222 (Mon - Fri 8.00am to 5.00pm, excluding Public Holidays) or email us at paintingservice@nipponpaint.com.sg for more information