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Step-by-step Guide to Prepping Your Wall For A Repaint

Looking to repaint your walls? Whether you’re doing up a feature wall design or simply changing a fresh look due to Feng Shui, here’s a full step-by-step guide to guide you through the process!   Step 1: Prep the space The first step to repainting your wall is to prep the area or room. Clear the area Firstly, move all furniture and appliances out or to the middle of the room. This is to prevent any obstructions when you’re painting. Protect your furniture Cover all items with plastic so that they won’t be ruined by drops of paint. Protect your floor You should also protect your floor...

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Gentle Whisper

A position of neutrality may be considered the rejection of certainty. Yet, this story explores the fine art of neutrality in its crafted and carefully considered beauty. With a focus on balance, and sense of understated serenity, we explore the possibility of the delicate grey area. In stripping back the excess, we reconsider the soft-spoken magnificence of neutrality.

Precious Tale

In Precious Tale, we reconsider what defines a sense of place and permanence in an increasingly ephemeral world. Redefining modern luxury as the union of fine materials with a fresher, more global aesthetic. Storytelling is important to this trend as it considers how, with less space in which to live, we can say more through elegance and ornamentation....

Pop Life

In a joyful ode to all that is eyecatching, Pop Life, celebrates a carefree aesthetic. This trend is built on the unexpected, from 90's Internet graphics to cartoon-like artwork. The outcome is a hyperconfident look that's unafraid of juxtaposition. Candy, toys and animations are just a few of the quirky sources of inspiration that complete this caricature of pop culture.

Raw Beauty

Paying homage to nature, this earthbound story celebrates the raw and untamed beauty of the natural world. With increasing urban density, rewilding emerges as a key cultural priority. We look to our crowded experience of daily life and feel a desire for the honest beauty of flora and fauna. In this trend, foliage and organic materials showcase the magnificence of wildlife.


10 Insta-worthy and Practical Feature Wall Design Ideas That Will Impress Your Guests

How to Create a Focal Point in a Room A feature wall (also known as accent walls) is a selected wall in your home where different textures, patterns, shapes and materials are used to accentuate the space. It's versatile to suit the aesthetic preferences of anyone. Whether you prefer a loud or subtle design, a feature wall is perfect to reflect your personality. Can't decide on a design? We've listed some of the most Instagram-worthy ones to suit your budget! Popular Feature Wall Designs Popular feature wall designs have to be installed professionally. And because of that, you can easily see...


How to Choose the Right Feng Shui Colors for Your House

Colors are powerful as they are an expression of light and can affect the way we feel. Each of the 5elements of Feng Shui are represented by different colors. Together, they either bring balance and positivity, or clash and create negativity in our homes. As with all home design, the main goal of Feng Shui is to introduce beauty and balance for each space.Aside from achieving more visually attractive spaces, it also creates a good balance of energy (yin and yang) in your home that’s needed to nourish your life and relationships. 5 Elements of Feng Shui and Corresponding Colors The 5 main...

Nippon Paint Mobile App – Trade Professional

Introducing the new "Nippon Paint Trade Mobile App" - the perfect companion for all things trade related. Specifically created for painters, interior designers and contractors, the mobile app is the All-in-one app for our trade partners. Features include: Trade Painters can order their paint products via whatsapp and sms Interior Designers and Contractors can order Building Material products directly Browse, pick and search all Nippon Paint products & their specifications Browse, pick and search for Nippon Paint colours Browse, pick and search for Nippon Paint media (such as...

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