Our History


In 1955, Mr Goh Cheng Liang, founder of Nippon Paint (Singapore) Co Pte Ltd set up his first paint shop in Singapore and became the main local distributor of Nippon Paint. Over the next decade or so, Mr Goh built up a solid foundation for Nippon Paint in the paint industry. In 1965, Nippon Paint took a giant step forward and set up its first paint manufacturing plant in Singapore.
Since then, understanding our customers’ needs and providing them with the finest have become our forte. Through the years, we are able to offer creative and innovative solutions for our alliances, partners and customers by continuously leveraging on modern technology.

Today, the company’s core principles to serve our unique markets remain in consistently providing breakthrough paint solutions and high performance products. From our comprehensive selection of products for architectural, trade and general consumer use, we ensure that every product delivers its superior functions and yet remain environmental friendly.

Nippon Paint Singapore has already covered many of the country’s landscapes, and is well positioned to continue beautifying and protecting Singapore for many years to come.

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