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Nippon Paint Colours of Fortune 2018 with Master Phang | 彭钟桦大师

A splash of colour is sometimes all it takes to brighten and refresh your surroundings. Nippon Paint provides many colours, shades and hues to create unlimited possibilities in home! With Nippon Paint Colours of Fortune 2018, discover the colour that matches your zodiac sign and your Eight Characters to enhance prosperity factors, build your dream home and open the doors to greater happiness!

Transform your life through the correct use of colour with expert advice Grand Master Phang, Nippon Paint’s Colour Advisor and one of Asia’s most renowned authorities on Feng Shui and Emperor Star Astrology. Nippon Paint Colours of Fortune 2018 helps to add colours into your life and build your dream home, especially for this Year Of The Rooster. Paint to an abundant year of 2018!

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彭钟桦大师 / Master Phang, New Trend Lifestyle Group CEO

We've made every effort to make the colours on screen as close as possible to the ones you'll use. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee an exact colour match. Photographs and paint swatch colours will vary depending on your screen settings and resolution. The site is designed to help you get a better idea of your colour scheme ideas. If you would like to find out more about a colour, we recommend that you request for a Nippon Paint brochure.
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