Colours of Fortune 2018 – Dog


年份 / Years : 1946、1958、1970、1982、1994、2006、2018

流年狗忠实可靠,正义公平。进入2018戊戌本命年,是犯太岁年,又遇「剑锋」凶星入命,全年运势动荡起伏,工作或者生活中看似进展顺利的事情,暗地里埋伏着陷阱,有不少突发状况出现。凡事不可太乐观,要做好万全的准备,以面对突变。今年适宜多举办喜事,所谓一喜挡三灾, 今年若有喜事发生,运势便会有好的发展。

Persons born in the year of the Dog are determined, loyal and reliable. Due to Tai Sui’s influence, overall luck forecast is less than ideal with hidden dangers and unforeseen circumstances popping up, thwarting plans at the last minute. You have to take extra precautions going into investments, and pay a closer attention to your heath this year.

幸运号码 / Lucky Number: 6316
事业运势 / Career:

With auspicious stars gracing your career palace, you can showcase your abilities and maintain a clear mind at work. Unfortunately, crossing paths with Tai Sui makes it necessary for you to be mindful of your words and keep a low profile at work. Beware of the malicious people inciting gossips behind your back. Speak with kindness this year to avoid unpleasant incidents sparking up, and in worst-case scenarios, possible legal lawsuits due to careless words.

感情运势 / Romance
属狗的朋友今年犯太岁,虽然吉星有力,但逢「剑锋」「伏尸」凶星添烦添乱,感情更为不稳定,容易生变,感情和家庭运必难如意。单身人士勿对爱情寄望太高,今年感情犹如镜花水月的雾水姻缘,难以持久。已婚人士容易因小事与另一半争吵,宜多控制自己的脾气, 要谨记家和万事兴 。

Relationships will be unstable and rocky in 2018. Singles, refrain from pining over possible romantic advances, as they tend not to become fruitful. Married individuals will find themselves quarrelling with their other half often, and should rein in their tempers to maintain harmony in the family.

健康运势 / Health

With a higher tendency of falling ill this year, you should take precautions against heart, lungs and intestinal illnesses. You can donate blood before the Lunar New Year, or display black obsidian Hu Lu in your bedroom to minimise the negative impact on your health this year.

财富运势 / Wealth

You can see a boost in indirect income luck although money appears to come and go quickly throughout the year. Consider an investment in property or spending on residential renovations to bring blessings to your wealth luck. Be careful when going doing joint investments and not to flaunt your wealth.

开运水晶 / Lucky Crystal
开运水晶:红虎眼、 发晶、粉晶、石榴石
Lucky Crystal: Red Tiger Eye, Rutilated Quartz, Pink Crystal, Red Garnet


福星到您家 / Lucky Fortune In Your Home




开运颜色 / Lucky Colours


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