Colours of Fortune 2018 – Dragon


年份 / Years : 1940、1952、1964、1976、1988、2000、2012


Individuals born in the year of the Dragon are intelligent, enthusiastic and willing to take risks. Having offended Tai Sui in 2018, you will face obstacles in what you do; money will be difficult to gather and you may face loss of wealth. Big investments are frown upon and decisions should be made only after careful considerations, especially in areas that you are not familiar with.

幸运号码 / Lucky Number: 1758
事业运势 / Career:

Auspicious stars grace your career palace this year, bringing about changes. Working professionals will be tempted with career switches. If there are concise plans, this change can help increase one’s worth. Entrepreneurs looking for potential business partners should proceed with caution to prevent soured relationships, leading to loss of wealth and hindering progress.

感情运势 / Romance

Challenges lie ahead for attached individuals due to an increase in external temptations. Couples are advised to increase communication with each other to achieve balance between family and work times. It is important to actively show concern and love for your other half this year.

健康运势 / Health

Maintaining an active lifestyle and having a balanced diet is important for those born in the year of the Dragon as you may face intestinal discomfort issues in 2018. It is recommended to incorporate fibers such as oats and fruits into your diet to minimize the health issues.

财富运势 / Wealth
今年属龙的朋友偏财和投资运旺,会有意想不到的收入。但逢「大耗」凶星进入财帛宫,今年各方面支出恐怕也会很大,另外家中有债主,超支的花费与家庭子女有关, 要设防。

In 2018, there will be good news for your indirect income and investment plans. However, due to inauspicious stars in your wealth palace, there will also be huge increase in spending, especially on family. You can consider long-term investments this year, especially in blue-chip stocks; short-term investments will not reap significant returns.

开运水晶 / Lucky Crystal
Lucky Crystal: Citrine, Green Phantom, Amethyst, Red Tiger Eye, Smokey Quartz


福星到您家 / Lucky Fortune In Your Home




开运颜色 / Lucky Colours


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