Colours of Fortune 2018 – Monkey


年份 / Years : 1944、1956、1968、1980、1992、2004、2016


Those born in the year of Monkey are easy to get along, fast learners, and creative. Going into 2018, an auspicious star will be realigning itself into your life, allowing plenty of opportunities to socialise and enjoy yourself this year. The upcoming year will be a joyous one where you can embark on new endeavours and upgrade your skills.

幸运号码 / Lucky Number: 9399
事业运势 / Career:

With auspicious stars coming into play, changes and pro-activeness will bring forth a positive revolutionary year. However, benefactors’ aid will be hard to come. Always remember to hold your words and decisions until you are in a better emotional state to avoid regrets.

感情运势 / Romance

Romance luck will face an onslaught due to the presence of unfavourable stars; married individuals find themselves easily angered by small matters and are more emotional. With a desire to get into relationships this year, singles must know when to rein in, otherwise it will be easy to get tangled in a complicated three-way relationship.

健康运势 / Health

Accidents abound for those born in the year of the Monkey. Be careful while on the roads and minimise high-risk activities. Should there be elderly at home, there is a need to take extra care of them and watch out for stroke, high blood pressure and heart-related diseases.

财富运势 / Wealth
流年财运走劫,贴墙倒家,实为财散人安乐。要懂得以清醒理智的态度去处理钱财及感情事,否则将会是人财两空,惹上官非。今年要注重家中财星方位,引申龙脉、把库房整理好, 巩固主星位置纳之,以防不测。

To avoid losing wealth this year, individuals born in the year of Monkey need to mind their mouth and refrain from participating in gossips this year. Pay attention to monetary matters, as they need to be dealt with in a clear and rational manner.

开运水晶 / Lucky Crystal
Lucky Crystal: Green Phantom, Jade, Citrine, Tiger Eye, Amethyst, Green Aventurine


福星到您家 / Lucky Fortune In Your Home




开运颜色 / Lucky Colours


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