Colours of Fortune 2018 – Ox


年份 / Years : 1937、1949、1961、1973、1985、1997、2009


Individuals born in the year of the Ox are responsible, determined and loyal. Clashing with Tai Sui in 2018, you should be careful when handling finances and doing investments. Keep yourself busy with work this year, as you tend to overthink in your free time. With benefactors backing you, interpersonal relationships will be a breeze. The efforts you put in at work will not go unnoticed. Be humble and you will receive assistance through difficult times.

幸运号码 / Lucky Number: 3192
事业运势 / Career:

Those born in the year of the Ox will find themselves being presented with opportunities to venture into new areas at work. With the aid of benefactors, you will be able to have breakthroughs in your career. There will be opportunities for promotion and raise in salary this year. Individuals in jobs that require a gift in gab such as sales, education, and consultation, will do well. Students will find themselves being under more stress, although there will be a significant improvement in their grades. Head out for fresh air and engage in healthy exercises such as cycling and swimming to reduce stress and maintain good health.

感情运势 / Romance

Singles born in the year of Ox rejoice! There will be plenty of opportunities to get to know potential love interests in 2018. Married individuals should however, avoid being separated for long periods to avoid negative impacts on their marriage. Go on vacations with your spouse to strengthen your marriage.

健康运势 / Health

Going into 2018, individuals born in the year of Ox should pay more attention to their personal cleanliness and refrain from engaging in too many night activities. Beware of health issues related to high blood pressure and tumours. You are advised to take part in healthy activities such as cycling, dancing or even cooking classes.

财富运势 / Wealth

2018 will be an average year in terms of wealth luck for you. It is not a good year to venture into investments with others; your subordinates, colleagues and business partners have a higher tendency to betray your well interests for better returns and promises. Using a yellow wallet will help facilitate good cash flow.

开运水晶 / Lucky Crystal
Lucky Crystal: Amazonite, Green Phantom, Citrine, Che Ju, Blue Crystal


福星到您家 / Lucky Fortune In Your Home




开运颜色 / Lucky Colours


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