Colours of Fortune 2018 – Tiger


年份 / Years : 1938、1950、1962、1974、1986、1998、2010


Individuals born in the year of the Tiger are confident, competent and daring. Going into 2018, there will be many obstacles along the way that will put a damper on your enthusiasm and plans. This will be a tiring year for you; fortunately, facing the difficulties head-on with strength and courage will allow these incidents to be resolved without harm going your way.

幸运号码 / Lucky Number: 8831
事业运势 / Career:

Being determined and maintaining an open-mind is the key to success in 2018. Be on the lookout for malicious gossips that can spread behind your back. Maintaining good interpersonal relationships can help avert crisis at work. The opposite gender will be your benefactors in 2018. To do well this year, individuals born in the year of the Tiger will need to rely on their creativity and wit to win the upper hand.

感情运势 / Romance

Due to an increase in work commitments, attached individuals can neglect their other half, and therefore should be pro-active in showing affections. Being the bigger person in your relationship will increase harmony in the family. Singles should refrain from getting into new relationships hastily.

健康运势 / Health

In 2018, individuals born in the year of the Tiger do not have to worry about their health; as long as you do not overindulge, there will not be any major health issues. Remember to keep your emotions in check and be careful while on the roads.

财富运势 / Wealth

Direct income will be stronger in 2018 but with a lack of auspicious stars shining on your wealth luck, having a good financial plan this year will be essential. There will be unexpected spending and money will be spent on maintaining good health or on family members. Avoid going into investments or stocks based on “insider” news.

开运水晶 / Lucky Crystal
开运水晶:茶晶、绿幽灵、 红虎眼、黑曜石
Lucky Crystal: Smokey Quartz, Green Phantom, Red Tiger Eye, Obsidian


福星到您家 / Lucky Fortune In Your Home




开运颜色 / Lucky Colours


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