Colours of Fortune 2019 – Horse


Year Born / 出生年份: 1954年、1966年、1978年、1990年、2002年

Overview / 整体运势:

Good fortune shines down you! In 2019, you will gain elder benefactors’ help to advance in your career. With positive stars gracing your life, your achievements come along with arrogance. Keep your boastfulness in check; least opportunities slip your way. On the career front, be proactive and you will be blessed with a smooth-sailing career. Manage your work relationship with the opposite gender well as they can affect your career fortune. You will also be presented with opportunities to make money on top of your regular income.

属马的朋友整体运势有上升的趋势 ,工作中能得长者贵人的提拔,会出现期待已久的良机,要懂得把握。流年因受[紫微] 和[贪狼]星影响,所以个性会骄傲自大和孤僻愤世。切记勿受性格及波动的情绪而影响人际关系,这将令您错失良机。职场方面只要好好发挥,努力积极,前途一片光明。在洽谈业务,建立合作关系时,还是要小心工作上的异性桃花。今年在工作上除了有正常收入也会有额外的津贴。

Star Ranking / 星星指数:
Career / 事业运:

5 Star(s)

Wealth / 财富运:

3 Star(s)

Romance / 感情运:

3.5 Star(s)

Health / 健康运:

2 Star(s)

Lucky Directions / 幸运方向:





Lucky Number / 幸运号码: 7788


Career / 事业运:
An amazing year ahead for those born in the year of the Horse! As long as you put in enough efforts, you will be rightfully rewarded. Elder benefactors will lend you a helping hand, and interpersonal relationships are a breeze. You are blessed with ideas at work, and should seize the chances to make positive chances. Keep your ego and arrogance in check, least opportunities slip your way.


Wealth / 财富运:
A good monetary star shares the wealth spot with an inauspicious star, causing high expenditure and wealth volatility in your money matters. Make sure you guard your money well. There might be instances where you need to spend on your home renovation. Friends and relatives will constantly ask you for loans, creating frustrations for you. Make sure your house is brightly lit to bring positivity and enhance your overall fortune.


Romance / 感情运:
In 2019, singles have good luck in finding potential partners and dating individuals can consider marriage. Married individuals need to work on their relationships as there are a lot of unspoken frustrations despite a calm outlook. You will need to stay committed to the relationship and steer clear of temptations to stray.


Health / 健康运:
Be wary of breathing problems, particularly for smokers. Those with intestines, gastric, and liver’s problems, need to pay extra attention to food hygiene when dining out. Cut down on burning the midnight oil least you get burnout, especially during the third, seventh, ninth and eleventh lunar months. It is recommended that you designate more time for aerobic exercise, relaxation and non-work activities.



Lucky Fortune In Your Home / 福星到您家:




Lucky Colours / 开运颜色:


Credits / 来源:

Grand Master Hillary Phang/彭崧華

Grand Master Hillary Phang/彭崧華 (大师)
World Class Feng Shui Master/亚洲风水命理权威

New Trend Lifestyle (NTL) was founded in 1989 by Grand Master Hillary Phang. It is the only Feng Shui organisation in Asia listed in London Stock Exchange since 2012. Yuan Zhong Siu provides professional Feng Shui, Zi Wei Life Analysis, Selection of Auspicious Dates, Baby Naming Services and more. For more information, check out and

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