Colours of Fortune 2019 – Monkey


Year Born / 出生年份: 1956年、1968年、1980年、1992年、2004年

Overview / 整体运势:

There will be conflicts and hidden sabotages surrounding individuals born in the year of the Monkey due to the clash with Tai Sui. Luck fluctuates and there will be a lot of changes happening. If there is a need for renovation at home, an auspicious date must be selected. Work-wise, you’ll get to showcase your talents and receive help from benefactors. Your wealth luck is prosperous. Be prepared to work your way to success. Keep your emotions and desires in check least it affects your overall wellness.


Star Ranking / 星星指数:
Career / 事业运:

4.5 Star(s)

Wealth / 财富运:

0.5 Star(s)

Romance / 感情运:

2 Star(s)

Health / 健康运:

3 Star(s)

Lucky Directions / 幸运方向:




Lucky Number / 幸运号码: 9669


Career / 事业运:
Blessed with an auspicious star shining, help will be extended from benefactors, and you can gain recognition from your superiors. This year, you stand to gain from social gatherings and your connections with influential people. Male individuals will need to manage your expectations and desires as you tend to enjoy high-risks investments, while ladies will excel in industries such as entertainment and beauty.


Wealth / 财富运:
Wealth will be hard to grasp in 2019. Lots of opportunities and chances will present themselves to you for investments or go into partnership with, but yet they are full of traps. You will have an enhanced ability to make money, but also with a higher tendency to spend carelessly. Refrain from gambling, and keep a sound financial plan. Due to Tai Sui’s adverse influence, you must be extremely careful with your money.


Romance / 感情运:
Under Tai Sui’s influence, you will have frequent quarrels with your spouse as you demand perfection from them, putting them under immense pressure. Be wary of your emotions and do not bring work frustrations home. Singles wanting to get married in 2019, an auspicious date needs to be set for a blissful marriage. The joyous occasion can also help turn your luck for the better!


Health / 健康运:
Emotions will be your biggest issue in 2019; stress from work will cause frustrations, leading to insomnia and a messed up your immune system. As Monkey “harms Tai Sui” in 2019, refrain from unnecessary visits to the hospitals or funerals. Elders at home, especially your father, need to take care of his heart and eye. It is recommended for you to appease the Tai Sui and attend more celebratory events.

健康运势要注意情绪问题,会因工作繁重压力大,容易烦躁,导致睡眠不佳。因害太岁,不宜去探病问丧,以免影响健康运势。今年可多参加喜庆之事,添喜化煞。今年要留意父亲眼疾和心脏的问题。建议拜太岁,也可佩戴吉祥物 。


Lucky Fortune In Your Home / 福星到您家:




Lucky Colours / 开运颜色:


Credits / 来源:

Grand Master Hillary Phang/彭崧華

Grand Master Hillary Phang/彭崧華 (大师)
World Class Feng Shui Master/亚洲风水命理权威

New Trend Lifestyle (NTL) was founded in 1989 by Grand Master Hillary Phang. It is the only Feng Shui organisation in Asia listed in London Stock Exchange since 2012. Yuan Zhong Siu provides professional Feng Shui, Zi Wei Life Analysis, Selection of Auspicious Dates, Baby Naming Services and more. For more information, check out and

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