Lucky Colours / 开运颜⾊: Red, Orange, White, Gold

Fashion Red
NP R 1274 A

Golden Dome
NP YO 1149 D

Whispering White
NP OW 1001 P

COF Animals Chart

Ranked / 排 名: 7

  • Star Luck / 运 程
  • Luck / 运 程:
  • (68%)

Luck / 运 程:

Star Luck / 运 程


Auspicious Direction(s):

Auspicious Direction(s)

Southeast, West

Auspicious Number:

Auspicious Number


Benefactor Signs:

Benefactor Signs

Snake (蛇), Rooster (鸡)



You are more motivated than ever this year, handling all tasks with great enthusiasm.  The Marriage Star will also help attract others to you and bring good marriage prospects. This year, you should show courage in tackling all challenges. Although there are obstacles, you will eventually attain success by overcoming these hurdles. Perseverance is your key to success. With the unlucky star lurking, your immune system may be affected. Hence, pay more attention to your body and mind. Good health is the most important thing in life. 




Stable wealth luck ensures that there will be little unexpected expenditures this year. Under the watch of the Abundance Star, you shall receive satisfactory income as long as your work deserves it. For investments, adopt a conservative strategy and avoid illegal activities. Do not be too aggressive, especially on the advice from strangers. When investing huge amounts of money, discuss with your family before making hasty decisions. Look out for conniving characters or risk suffering big losses.




Low immunity will affect your sleep quality. Dedicate time to managing your emotions and watch out for subtle changes in your body. Stay prepared to avoid catching a cold or fever when the weather changes. You may be unaccustomed to the new environment when travelling overseas, so bring along drinking water in case you need it. Besides regular exercise, a light diet with more vegetables and fruits is recommended. Pay close attention to the health of the elderly and young at home, and seek medical aid immediately if anyone is unwell. 




Your good interpersonal relationship luck will have a positive influence on your career. Collaborating effectively with your co-workers shall demonstrate your strengths and allow you to be recognised by your superior, possibly landing you a promotion. Businesspeople and the self-employed can look forward to new customers and business growth. You may wish to explore new markets through the Internet and other digital channels. As long as you can overcome the short-term challenges, you shall achieve good results.  


Lucky Colours / 开运颜⾊: Red, Orange, White, Gold

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