Lucky Colours / 开运颜⾊: Green, Yellow, Brown

Painter's Leaf
NP BGG 1786 D

Jester Yellow
NP AC 2050 A

Sable Brown
NP N 1876 A

COF Animals Chart

Ranked / 排 名: 2

  • Star Luck / 运 程
  • Luck / 运 程:
  • (88%)

Luck / 运 程:

Star Luck / 运 程


Auspicious Direction(s):

Auspicious Direction(s)

East, Southwest

Auspicious Number:

Auspicious Number


Benefactor Signs:

Benefactor Signs

Rabbit (兔), Goat (羊)




Lucky stars shine on those born in the year of the Pig. With lucky stars clearing the obstacles ahead, all misfortunes shall be resolved. This year, you are blessed with many benefactors and you will perform outstandingly as you will show more competence at work. With enhanced interpersonal skills, you can sail through life and work with many happy tidings. Nonetheless, you cannot be complacent. Always be mindful of your actions and words to avoid unnecessary trouble and losses. 




In terms of wealth luck, you can expect a promising year. Aspiring entrepreneurs with sufficient capital and good money-making ideas should consider executing their plans. Put effort into building your business strategies prior to implementation. This could be a great opportunity for you to make it big. For investments, you might be privy to insider tips through your social network, thus standing to gain significant returns. Consider making small investments on low-risk products. Avoid flaunting your wealth, especially in front of strangers. 




This prosperous year allows you to relax thoroughly. However, it could also result in weight gain and poor sleeping habits. You must control your diet, exercise more and pay attention to your sleep quality if you want to maintain your health. When dining with others, do not be distracted by conversations. Try to eat slowly and avoid overeating. Otherwise, this may lead to digestive problems in the long run. You can always discuss more after you finish your meal.  




With the support of benefactors, motivation and proactiveness will bring career advancement opportunities. Businesspeople have great interpersonal skills and shall clinch profitable deals. As long as you are willing to work hard, you can enjoy a booming career and flourishing wealth. Misunderstandings may occur when working with others, but timely intervention can help you handle the situation and achieve a win-win outcome.  


Lucky Colours / 开运颜⾊: Green, Yellow, Brown

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