Lucky Colours / 开运颜⾊: Green, Blue, Black

NP AC 2111 A

Nautical Blue
NP PB 1548 D

Bedrock Bottom
NP N 1981 A

COF Animals Chart

Ranked / 排 名: 9

  • Star Luck / 运 程
  • Luck / 运 程:
  • (56%)

Luck / 运 程:

Star Luck / 运 程


Auspicious Direction(s):

Auspicious Direction(s)

East, Northwest

Auspicious Number:

Auspicious Number


Benefactor Signs:

Benefactor Signs

Rabbit (兔), Pig (猪)



People born in the year of the Tiger are in clash with the Grand Duke and may feel stressed and insecure. However, as long as you focus on upgrading yourself, you shall be guided towards career advancement opportunities. Practise mutual respect when dealing with others, as they may be dealing with their own difficulties. Consider heading outdoors when you feel restless, as a change in environment can help to calm your mind. This year, pay attention to mood swings and control your emotions. Only then will you be able to manage your life well.




Your wealth luck is average this year. As you are prone to lavish spending, you should try to stick to a realistic budget. When signing contracts, take note of all details to avoid potential losses. For keen investors, the rule of thumb is to let go when necessary. Otherwise, a moment of indecision can lead to major losses. This year, consider investing in yourself. Set aside a budget for self-enrichment and expanding your social circle. You will stand to gain more than expected.  




This year, you are prone to minor health ailments, injuries and mood swings. Your body will be strained with tension when dealing with new people or situations. Suppressing emotions and being worried about being exposed could spiral you into a vicious cycle of despondency. Spend time with good friends to help you relax and unwind. Due to the Misjudgment Star, be extra careful with personal safety when being outdoors and try not to walk alone in dark or quiet alleys.  




Career luck is stable this year. However, reluctance to take on more challenging tasks may stagnate progress and hinder any chances for promotion. Try to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself more. Businesspeople will be able to find opportunities in moments of crisis and flourish by adapting new strategies. This year, it is easy to overlook minor details, which may affect the company’s development. Consider focusing more energy on marketing. Remember, the best way to deal with changes is to keep learning and be flexible. 



Lucky Colours / 开运颜⾊: Green, Blue, Black

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