Colours of Fortune 2019 – Tiger


Year Born / 出生年份: 1950年、1962年、1974年、1986年、1998年、2010年

Overview / 整体运势:

With an authority star shining on the individuals born in the year of the Tiger, 2019 is a good year for you. Benefactors will surround you, helping you to advance in your career. Developing good relationships with key stakeholders in your organization will aid in your success. Due to the clash with Tai Sui, you might face wealth instability and inevitable losses in riches. Stress at work takes a toll on your productivity, mental and physical health. It is important to find joy in your life and do more charitable acts in 2019!


Star Ranking / 星星指数:
Career / 事业运:

4.5 Star(s)

Wealth / 财富运:

1.5 Star(s)

Romance / 感情运:

0.5 Star(s)

Health / 健康运:

2 Star(s)

Lucky Directions / 幸运方向:




Lucky Number / 幸运号码: 0358


Career / 事业运:
Career-wise, 2019 looks to be an extraordinary year for those born in the year of the Tiger. Both working professionals and businessmen get to gain authority and benefactors at work. While interpersonal relationships are a breeze, the bulk of the work still needs to be done by you. The well-deserved promotion is awaiting you. Being on the move brings good news to you. Benefactors will be the opposite gender, and they are waiting to lend you a helping hand. However, be cautious when dealing with the opposite gender as gossips will inconvenience you. Avoid partnerships with people of the Dragon zodiac, and refrain from being on loggerheads with Dragon people.


Wealth / 财富运:
Under Tai Sui’s influence, there will be occurrences of wealth loss. Refrain from being negligent when handling your personal belongings while overseas. Be risk adverse towards your money management in 2019; do not follow blindly to insider news that may incur losses on your end. Indirect wealth luck looks good, and numbers such as your birthday and NRIC numbers can bring you wealth.


Romance / 感情运:
Relationship between couples will be tense due to work stress. Effective communication and mutual respect will help to ease the tension. Relationship with your children should be prioritized least they feel neglected. Singles and dating individuals will tend to seek unrealistic romance. Being with the right person can bring happiness and emotional support; you should not go into marriage hastily. New relationships should be started with caution.

今年夫妻之间关系紧张,会因家庭琐事而心生不满,相处需要多加沟通,互相包容。工作繁重对家运感情有影响,子女多叛逆。应将重心着注于家庭生活,花多些心思和精力来陪伴另一半和孩子。单身人士,今年会有很多不切实际的想法,特别想追求浪漫,是不宜合婚之年。展开新恋情要慎重选择 ,以免误人误己。

Health / 健康运:
An average health forecast; your busy schedule will create intense pressure, while causing frequent bouts of insomnia and depression. This year, don’t spread yourself too thin, and take better care of your eyes. Refrain from facing the computer or mobile for long periods of time. Good health is not just about healthy eating and regular exercise sessions, go on frequent short vacation and develop a positive outlook in life to help you live a happier life.

健康运势一般,因长期忙碌于工作,所以容易感到压力,精神紧张。因受[ 天梁]星影响,思想个性会有些自我,为人处事执着固执,独立成事,从而导致严重失眠、抑郁等问题。今年需要注意眼部保养,会有眼疾问题,不宜用眼过度。建议要调节心态,安排短程旅游,以积极乐观态度面对。


Lucky Fortune In Your Home / 福星到您家:




Lucky Colours / 开运颜色:


Credits / 来源:

Grand Master Hillary Phang/彭崧華

Grand Master Hillary Phang/彭崧華 (大师)
World Class Feng Shui Master/亚洲风水命理权威

New Trend Lifestyle (NTL) was founded in 1989 by Grand Master Hillary Phang. It is the only Feng Shui organisation in Asia listed in London Stock Exchange since 2012. Yuan Zhong Siu provides professional Feng Shui, Zi Wei Life Analysis, Selection of Auspicious Dates, Baby Naming Services and more. For more information, check out www.fengshuiyzs.com and www.facebook.com/yzs.sg.

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