Momento Lookbook

Gentle Whisper

A position of neutrality may be considered the rejection of certainty. Yet, this story explores the fine art of neutrality in its crafted and carefully considered beauty. With a focus on balance, and sense of understated serenity, we explore the possibility of the delicate grey area. In stripping back the excess, we reconsider the soft-spoken magnificence of neutrality.


A colour of tranquility

An ocean of cool colours reveals a tranquil oasis. The relativity of hues and tonal gradation in this harmonious palette enhances a mood of delicate slowness. The fluidity between neutrals and blues is mysteriously graceful. Intriguing textured surfaces and iridescent effects add to this gentle collection.

Palette Play

Soothing and calming atmosphere

This calm yet purposeful palette washes any space in soothing introspection. Graduated hues offer tonal variations of Castle in the Air, varying in intensity for a calming monochrome atmosphere. Uplifted by the dreamy Pure Moon, its silky finish bringing a delicate luminosity to this temperate array of violets.

Colour Combinations

Blue to smooth sanctuary

An immersive array of blues and purples is a perfect choice for sanctuary bedrooms and bathrooms. At the heart of this combination are understated violet tints of Apparition and Special Touch. These ethereal tones offer a soothing sense of serenity. Deeper purples and blues in light touches complete a beautifully balanced space.

Measured Expressions

Celebrate the Beauty of Neutrality

Poise and purpose unite in a graceful tribute to the neutral areas of design. A carefully measured expression of gentle beauty articulates itself in the most peaceful of atmospheres. In the face of the inflexibility of modern life, Gentle Whisper softly celebrates the beauty of neutrality.

Designer Says

If you're looking on how to use bright colours against gray palettes, Mark Wee of Ong & Ong Pte.Ltd and Jose Ramon Carunungan of Carunungan & Partners Co. has tips and ideas on how to do so. Watch these videos to find out more.


Neutral . Balanced . Minimal . Harmonious . Calm

Warm Silver
MET 025
Sky Blue High
OP 296
Plymouth Notch
NP N 1888 P
Castle in the Air
NP N 1954 D
Deep Faith
NP AC 2093 A
Special Touch
NP OW 1049 P
Miner Grey
NP N 2004 T
Smooth Sailing
NP BCG 1565 P

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