Momento Lookbook

Pop Life

In a joyful ode to all that is eyecatching, Pop Life, celebrates a carefree aesthetic. This trend is built on the unexpected, from 90’s Internet graphics to cartoon-like artwork. The outcome is a hyper-confident look that’s unafraid of juxtaposition. Candy, toys and animations are just a few of the quirky sources of inspiration that complete this caricature of pop culture.


A colour of courage & positivity

A courageous assortment of attention grabbing hues collides in this striking palette. from punchy citrus brights to ultrasaturated tones, this rainbow of positivity is anchored by black and cream for graphic definition. On the surface, materials are glossy, bright, and confidently original.

Palette Play

Vibrant Circus and Energy

A kaleidoscope of vivid tones joined together in festive energy. The sunny warmth of Golden Charmer and Sassy Yellow make this combination the ideal treatment for a social space. Within this eclectic rainbow, Fantasy Green and Blue Emotion offer a lush pause within a vibrant circus.

Colour Combinations

Energized & Sophistication

Black Swan and Soft Pulp render a neutral, yet intriguing variation of this story through a high contrast monochrome setting. Here, subtle accessories of joyful fresh hues bring energy to a sophisticated space.

Mix and Match it up

Pop Culture with Childhood Positivity

The mix and match aesthetic is gleefully portrayed in this bold story. Pop culture driven, this trend is glossy, graphic and energetic. The iconography of childhood fascination, a cartoon style and carefree coordination, are repurposed in an explosion of life and colour.

Designer Says

Not sure on how to work with neutral colours? Siritip Harntaweewongsa of Green Dwell Co. Ltd. and Joe Tang Hak Chun of Golden Furniture shows you how to bring out the best of neutral colours. Watch these videos to find out more.


Joyful . Bright . Carefree. Humorous

Golden Fleece
MG 157
Exotic Bloom
R 1296 D
Soft Pulp
NP OW 1019 P
Fantasy Green
NP AC 2110 A
Magnolia Blossom
NP R 1263 P
Golden Charmer
NP YO 1191 D
Black Swan
NP N 2044A
Blue Emotion
NP PB 1518 T

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Confident. Stable & Secure. Modern

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