Momento Lookbook

Precious Tale

In Precious Tale, we reconsider what defines a sense of place and permanence in an increasingly ephemeral world. Redefining modern luxury as the union of fine materials with a fresher, more global aesthetic. Storytelling is important to this trend as it considers how, with less space in which to live, we can say more through elegance and ornamentation.


A colour of extravagance

Classically extravagant tones emulate precious gemstones and fine minerals, inspired by the traditional palette of luxury. These elegant jewel tones are carefully balanced with fresh contemporary hues. Surfaces are lavishly decorative, with emphasis on glittering metallics, coloured glass and pearlised surfaces.

Palette Play

Fresh Interpretation

A fresh and friendly interpretation of this story unfolds through the vibrancy of Orange Sparks accented by an unexpected nearcomplement of Verdigris Shine/Sunny Days. The result is a warm space for celebratory gatherings and conversation. Here, creative punches of deep accents, such as Turkish Tile and Drama Red add an eclectic flair.

Neutral Works

Mix and Match it up

A backdrop of comforting tradition is created with modern neutrals. Gemstone accents uplift these spaces with subtle hints of Drama Red and Orange Sparks bringing an eclectic touch of extravagance.

Elevate and Balance

Adding the Mineral Touch

Deep turquoise on a feature wall creates a sense of modern luxury. Touches of Winter Moss warm the palette to elevate and balance the mineral depth of Turkish Tile.

Designer Says

Not sure on how to work with neutral colours? Siritip Harntaweewongsa of Green Dwell Co. Ltd. and Joe Tang Hak Chun of Golden Furniture shows you how to bring out the best of neutral colours. Watch these videos to find out more.


Permanence . Luxury . Aesthetic

Pewter Grey
Champagne Bronze
MET 029
Turkish Tile
NP BGG 1590 D
Grape Wine
NP AC 2086 A
Orange Sparks
NP YO 1218 D
Winter Moss
NP BGG 1723 D
White Concrete
NP OW 1084 P
Drama Red
NP R 1288 A

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