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Raw Beauty

Paying homage to nature, this earthbound story celebrates the raw and untamed beauty of the natural world. With increasing urban density, rewilding emerges as a key cultural priority. We look to our crowded experience of daily life and feel a desire for the honest beauty of flora and fauna. In this trend, foliage and organic materials showcase the magnificence of wildlife.


A colour of natural life

The primal tones of an uncontrolled wilderness bring this palette to life. A tonal range of greens harnesses the diversity of foliage, while terracotta oranges and warm browns reflect the heat of the sun. Organic landscapes and natural materials inspire the tactile surface textures

Palette Play

Wilderness in character

The wonderful possibilities of monochromatic expression unfold through Tempest Sea, Green Abyss, and Sea Breeze. The coolness among this sea of greens brings a contemporary edge to the wilderness driven combination, resulting in a palette perfect for a restorative space. Texture is essential to any monochrome scheme, and here Amarelo builds character.

Colour Combinations

Bringing autumn home

An array of creamy hues form a soothing picture of refined wilderness. Reminiscent of an autumn forest, this combination lends itself to raw finishes and natural materials, such as wood, bamboo, or stone. The central hue, Mushroom Brown, is a transitional tone beautifully morphing between greys and browns for a comforting wall treatment.

Mix and Match it up

Untamed urban wilderness

In Raw Beauty, reaction to overcrowded spaces is a soulful expression of the wilderness in its untamed form. We look to soften our urban surroundings with reminders of a more natural world. The breathtaking beauty of the landscape in its raw state reawakens a forgotten desire from within our consciousness.

Designer Says

Looking to work with loud and bold colours or to cool the bold colours down? Arlene Michelle Peter from YMA Interior Architecture Palanivelu and Viswanathan of Diastyle shares their tips and ideas. Watch these videos to find out more.


Wild . Natural . Botanical . Organic . Honest

Enchanting Wood
ME 037
SA 003
NP N 1873 P
Sea Breeze
NP OW 1070 P
Jasper Green
NP BGG 1801 T
Tempest Sea
NP AC 2107 A
NP R 1366 D
NP AC 2135 A

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