Nippon Paint Timberlac


Bring the natural beauty of wood grains to life with Nippon Paint Timberlac, an interior decorative wood varnish that’s perfect for new and old wooden furniture and door surfaces. Available in several attractive tints, this clear wood varnish adds colour while enhancing the natural grain of the wood, for spectacular results. It’s also water resistant and formulated to prevent wood rot and mould growth.

With Nippon Paint Timberlac wood varnish, you can now give old furniture a new lease of life.


  • Excellent to use for both interior and exterior applications
  • Anti-fungus property to protect wood due to mildew growth
  • Excellent flow and leveling for smooth appearance and easy application
  • Highly penetrative for excellent adhesion to substrate
  • Excellent film hardness
  • Resistance to water and mild detergent for easy maintenance
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