How To Use Colours Effectively


Colour affects every aspect of our lives, whether we’re aware of it or not. Thus, it is essential to choose the right colour palette for our walls.

In this segment, we will be looking at how to choose the right colours to achieve your desired effects.

How to raise a ceiling – Colours can be used to change the size of a home. By using 3 different shades of a colour, we can make a low ceiling appear higher. Simply take the strongest shade and put it on the base. Next the medium shade – we can put it on the walls; and the lighter shade we can put on the ceiling. This will make your room appear much larger.

How to highlight features. You like the features you created in your home to be the centre of attention. For instance, ornate cornices, window frames and arches. To highlight these features, contrasting colours may be used on these features against your wall colour.

How to create width in your hall. A long narrow hall will appear shorter and wider if the end walls are decorated with a dark or warm shade of colour, and the sidewalls with a light or pastel colour.

How to add warmth to your room. To create a cosy atmosphere in your room, choose a colour that is warm in tone. This simply means the colour that is more red-and-yellow, than blue, which instantly will make the room look and feel warmer.

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