Pointers For Painting

Pointers For Painting - Step 1

If you want to get a good finish on your walls, make sure you do one wall at a time. Begin by cutting in, up against the ceiling line and make sure you do not get any paint on the ceiling line itself.

Pointers For Painting - Step 2

The best method to employ when using a roller is a ‘W’ shape, as this ensures an even coating across the surface. Using an up-down movement over the surface thereafter will eliminate the ‘orange peel’ effect when the product dries up.f

Pointers For Painting - Step 3

Repeat the same process across the first wall before moving on to the other walls.

Consider Nippon Paint Odourless Premium All-in-One. Not only does it have all-in-1 properties such as washability, coverage of hairline cracks and anti-bacterial properties, it has almost no odour during and after painting and a near-zero VOC, or volatile organic content level.

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