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Painting Issue

If your walls have excess moisture issue, the paint will not be able to adhere to the walls.

You'll have to check the moisture content of your walls. If it is too high, we will recommend that you resolve the issue before painting. If the moisture content of the walls is within range, you will have to remove all the peeling paints before applying sealer, followed by top coat.
Our paints do not require any dilution - in order to maintain the optimal performance. Interior wall paints are water-based. We have oil-based wood paint and sealer. The water-based paint, if added with thinner, will spoil the paint. If you add water to water-based paints, the paints cannot keep for long.
Unless the walls are badly stained, water should suffice in cleaning. You may add a little detergent into the water if you want to. We do not advise you to scrub the walls hard as it may affect the paint film adhesion to the walls.
You will have to scrap all the old paint away, clean the surface before applying 1 coat of Aqua Primer Sealer Undercoat.
Thereafter, apply Aqua Bodelac (2 coats) of the colour of your choice.
The painting system recommended here is water-based.
Mould spores can come into your house from the outside through open doorways, open windows or heating and cooling systems with outdoor intakes. Spores can also attach themselves to your clothing or your pets and be brought inside your house. Once inside, mould thrives and grows in moisture rich places, making the bathroom a common place to find mould. Not only does mould look unappealing but inhaling mould spores can cause respiratory problems, especially for people with asthma.

If you have mould at home, you may consider Nippon Anti-Fungus Solution. Apply the product and allow to stand overnight, while allowing the surface to dry thoroughly. Repaint with a fungi-resistant paint, such as Nippon Paint Odour-less All-in-1 (Walls) or Nippon Paint Odour-less Anti-Mould Ceiling White (Ceilings), which provides resistance to fungus.
Hairline cracks are something that not many walls or ceilings can usually escape. To fix hairline cracks, you can either hire a professional who can do it for your very easily or you may choose to do it yourself.

With some filling materials (used to fill the cracks) such as putty, a simple tool (like an old knife) and a scraping tool, "fill" the crack with a “filling solution” and ensure that the filling material adequately transverses in to the insides of the crack. Flatten the surface and allow the crack to dry out for a day or so. Seal the crack using resin materials or drywall tapes. Once sealed, you can cover it up with some fresh paint to match your wall. You may consider using Nippon Paint 3-in-1 Medifresh as it is known for its ability to cover hairline cracks.
There are many possibilities as to why the application of the sealer is uneven. If your current wall is dark coloured, one coat of white sealer will not be sufficient to cover. You can request for a grey sealer from the dealer shop for better coverage over dark coloured wall. 1 coat of water-based sealer, with any further dilution, is sufficient.


Please refer to our Service Centre for your purchase.

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All paints come with their distinctive properties.

Easy Wash is our low odour premium interior paint with washability property in low sheen finish. It does not come with anti-bacterial property.

Odour-less Medifresh is our premium interior paint that is both odour-less and with anti-bacterial property against common bacteria such as E. Coli. Bacteria is everywhere, even in air. Once it settles on a surface e.g. walls, tables etc; without intervention, it will populate and spread. If one touches such contaminated surface, the bacteria will get attached to one's hands and be transferred to multiple places. How much bacteria Odour-less Medifresh can remove depends on how much bacteria falls onto the walls.

Both products are certified by Singapore Green Building Council as green product; that means it does not contain harmful ingredients that will harm one, upon touching the painted walls or wet paint.
Both Bodelac 9000 and Aqua Bodelac can be applied on wood and metal.

Bodelac 9000 is an oil-based enamel paint which typically has a longer overcoating time (18 hours) and has a stronger paint odour compared to Aqua Bodelac, a water-based enamel paint.

Aqua Bodelac has a 2-hours overcoating time, which means you can complete your painting faster.
There are many factors that affect the shelf life of a can of paint. An unused can of paint has a shelf life of 18 months from the date of manufacture. For a used can of paint, it depends on the condition it is used and kept.
Timberlac is a tinted varnish that will retain the wood texture whereas Aqua Bodelac is a solid colour paint.
Yes, wall stickers can be used on walls painted with Easy Wash.

If you intend to paste wall stickers after painting with Easy Wash, we will strongly recommend that the walls are clean, free from contaminants (dust, powder etc) before you apply 1 coat of 5101 Odour-less Wall Sealer, followed by 2 coats of Easy Wash.

Please note that the paint must be fully cured for at least 28 days before you paste any stickers.
We currently have 7 types of interior paint in our range - the type of paint depends on your needs.

The specific characteristics & functionalities of each paint differentiates it from the others. For example, the Nippon Paint Odour-less EasyWash provides stain resistance & easy stain removal and is completely odourless, which is ideal for people sensitive or allergic to paint odour. The paint also has a soft sheen finish. On the other hand, Vinilex 5000 has low odour and has a matte finish. The finish itself affects the colour outcome.

We have a Colour Creations machine in almost every dealer shop. This machine allows you to select the colour you like, followed by the product you want the colour to be tinted to. E.g. You like a colour presented on our Odourless range but wants to have it in EasyWash - that is possible using this machine. For the colours available, you may check them out by downloading our colour book here
Gelatine, in this case, is not made of animal. it is a chemical raw material name. Hence, have no worries about using our Nippon Paint Momento.
Yes, we offer a range of colours under SolaReflect. For more information, please refer to SolaReflect's page.
Please refer to our Service Centre for your purchase.

Nippon Paint Service Centre
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You may also visit any of our dealers by locating them through our store locator
Depending on the type of area you are painting, we will usually recommend 1 coat of sealer, followed by 2 coats of top coat for interior walls.
No, we do not offer chalkboard paint at the moment.
It is not advisable to mix paints, especially from different types of product.
No, we do not offer fire-resistant paint at the moment.
We regret to inform that currently we have only 1 type of spray paint which is the Nippon Pylox spray paint that is only suitable for wood and metal surfaces.

When applied over leather or clothed materials, there will be a possibility of cracking and flaking of the paint film off the surface, thus it is not recommended.
Base on 2 coats of finishing coats, each bedroom will require 1 can of 5 litres paint, living and dining room will need about 2 cans of 5 litres, and another 3 cans of 5 litres for all the ceilings. With such calculations, you will need a total of 8 cans of 5 litres for all the walls and ceiling.

Kindly note that the estimated quantity may vary when there are built in cabinets, or full length windows etc. The porosity of the walls or ceiling may also affect the quantity of paint use.
No. Most of our paints do not contain lead, especially those paints we catered for retail market. It is under Singapore Law stated that all paints should not contain lead especially for retail market.
We do not own the authorised dealer shops and hence, we are not able to act on their behalf to take back the paints.
We currently do not manufacture sample pot size paints.
The minimum packing size is 1 litre for the interior paint products shown in the Colour My World colour book.
They are created for different performance. Odour-less All in 1 focused more on anti-bacterial property & low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) while EasyWash Teflon is more on washability and it is low odour.
Our products are mainly meant for masonry, metal and wood surfaces. We do not have any for ceramic surfaces.

Professional Painting Services

Yes, we offer professional painting service that includes Momento Special Effects Paint painting. For more information, please refer to our promotions page
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