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Contrary to popular belief, ceiling paints are not the same as ordinary wall paint. In comparison to an interior wall paint, ceiling paints are specially formulated to be higher in viscosity and thickness. This allows the application process to go much smoother without drips and splatter when you paint above your head.

Using Nippon Paint’s high quality ceiling paint helps achieve a much better-looking ceiling without uneven spots. For damp areas such as kitchen and toilets, consider our Odour-less Anti-Mould Ceiling White for added mould protection.

When it comes to choosing a colour for our ceilings, many of us believe we should stick to a white. It is true that a simple colour palette with a white ceiling can give the illusion of a bigger and brighter space. However, ceilings make up a huge part of our space and deserve as much attention as walls.

To understand how a well-painted ceiling can change the mood of a space dramatically, check out these 5 inspirations for the best ceiling paint to learn more!