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Metal Paints

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Painting over metal surfaces is a great way to refurbish an old piece of metal, change its colour, or cover rust.

At Nippon Paint Singapore, we offer 2 types of metal paints that can help beautify the appearance of your materials.

  • Metallux

    This metal coating can be applied directly onto metal or wood surfaces for a smooth, metallic effect finish.

    It is manufactured to be resistant against corrosion. Additionally, it also acts as both a primer and topcoat for ferrous metals like cast iron or aluminium.

  • Micaceous Iron Oxide

    Micaceous Iron Oxide is alkyd-based and pigmented with micaceous iron oxide. Users are advised to use it as a protective coating on steel structures.

    It also comes with numerous benefits such as extensive protection against chemicals, corrosion, and weathering.

    With metal paints, you can breathe new life into old metal pieces easily and conveniently. Shop our products below!