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Professional Painting Packages

Our Packages Includes:
    FREE Wall Inspection
    Genuine Premium Nippon Paint Products MADE IN SINGAPORE
    FREE Digital Colour Preview Service
    Shifting and Protecting of Furniture and Floor
    Certified & Highly-Trained Painting Professionals
    Reinstating of Furniture after Painting
    12 Months Warranty
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Giving your home a fresh coat of paint or updating your current wall colours is an affordable and excellent way to remodel your home. One of the biggest dilemmas you might face is to choose between doing it yourself or hiring a professional painter.

Painting, in general, is one of the easier jobs that you can do yourself. However, engaging a professional for your project is also a great idea. An experienced painter will provide you with high-quality results. Furthermore, a substantial amount of time goes into preparing the wall; with the help of a painter, you can save time for other commitments.

At Nippon Paint Singapore, our team of professional painters is committed to providing you with nothing but the best. We guarantee to provide you with a paint job that will exceed your every expectation. Our packages are also inclusive of a free wall inspection and 12 months warranty. Sign up for our professional painting packages today!