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Wood furniture gives your home a cosy and polished feel. However, their colours tend to fade over time with exposure to air and sunlight. That’s why wood surfaces have to be protected with a coat of paint that has been specially formulated for it.

At Nippon Paint Singapore, we have 5 different types of wood paints that can help you to shield your furniture and/or enhance the look of the material.

  1. SolarShield – Transparent finish with UV-protection properties.
  2. TimberCoat – Durable and mould-resistant paint that’s suitable for outdoor furniture.
  3. Timberlac – Decorative paint that enhances the natural grainy look of wood.
  4. Aqua Woodguard – Water-based coating that protects furniture against UV rays and complements wood grains perfectly. Suitable for outdoor furniture.
  5. Woodguard – Protects against UV rays and enhances wood grains. Suitable for outdoor furniture.

Each paint comes in 2 sizes: 1 litre and 5 litre so you can pick a suitable one for your project. They also come in a full range of colours. Shop our options below!