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Nippon Momento® is a contemporary and unorthodox approach to traditional paint. It comes in six different textures to satisfy every homeowner. Nippon Momento® allows you to add rich textures to your wall or enhance existing wall colours.


Nippon Momento® Textured Paint Series
A unique paint that creates specially textured walls with an opaque wall finish, featuring four unique special effects.

  • Elegant:
    A matt textured finish, with rustic colours of rich vibrancy.
  • Sparkle Pearl:
    A textured finish of luminous colours with a pearlescent glow.
  • Sparkle Silver:
    A textured semi-metallic finish with shimmering colours bathed in silver light.
  • Sparkle Gold:
    A textured semi-metallic finish with majestic colour dusted in a gold shine.


  • A low volatile organic compound (VOC), free from harmful chemicals – such as lead, mercury, chrome and heavy metals.
  • It promises a healthier and cleaner indoor environment,

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Nippon Momento® can be applied on a myriad of walls such as

  • Ceilings,
  • Cement-based plasters,
  • Gypsum-based plasters,
  • Brickworks,
  • Hard and soft boards,
  • Fibre cement boards.


It will last for as long as you want until you decide to repaint or remove it.

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Yes you can. Just apply 1 layer of Nippon Momento® Clear Coat to protect your Nippon Momento® walls, if you do.

On Laminate/Wood: If the surface of the laminate or wood is smooth, some light sanding will be required first in order to create a rough surface for better paint adhesion

For Textured Paint Series:

  • Apply 2 coats of the Momento® Primer followed by your preferred Momento® Topcoat
  • Apply 1-2 coats of Momento® Clear Coat for better durability


On Tiles: In order to paint on tiles, apply 1 coat of the Nippon Hycote 51WT first and then followed by the same method you would paint Momento® on your walls.

For Textured Paint Series:

  • Apply 1 coat of the Nippon Hycote 51WT
  • Apply 2 coats of the Momento® Primer followed by your preferred Momento® Topcoat
  • Apply 1 coat of Momento® Clear Coat for better durability


  • Use a damp cloth and gently dab on stained areas.
  • Do not apply force when cleaning surfaces of textured finish.

Textured Paint Series

  • Apply 2 coats of Nippon Momento® Primer over the existing Nippon Momento wall
  • Repaint the wall with a new variant.
  • Sand on the previously painted Nippon Momento® surface lightly.
  • Apply 1 coat of any Nippon wall sealer range.
  • Then, apply 2 coats of Nippon premium paint range after.

For more information regarding Nippon Momento pricing, please call our hotline at 6265 5355 during our working hours.

  • Primer: 100 sqft
  • Sparkle Series: 80sqft
  • Elegant: 50sqft

Textured Paint

  • Paint 2 coats of Nippon Momento® Primer onto existing wall.
  • Paint 1 coat of any Nippon Momento® topcoat variant of your choice (Elegant, Sparkle Pearl, Sparkle Silver or Sparkle Gold).
  • Use the spatula to gently smooth over the painted surface after 10 – 15 minutes, when it is semi-dry.


Using the 3″ brush that comes with the toolkit is highly recommended as the bristles are specially designed to be neither too hard nor too soft.

  • Rinse it under running water immediately after use.
  • Let it dry after.


  • Remove all dirt, dust, and grease from the surface.
  • Be sure to remove any dust or cobwebs.
  • Don’t forget when painting the kitchen and bathrooms, check around corners, air vents, ceilings, shower stall, sink, switch plates, etc.


  • Mask off areas that will not be painted with a masking tape to avoid making a mess.
  • Start painting from the corners to ensure a smooth painting process.
  • Dip the brush and sweep it along the edges and corners.
  • Start moving the brush out and using irregular criss-cross strokes.
  • Work the paint in one direction (E.g: L to R or R to L) in a top-to-bottom approach.
  • Use the same batch of paint for each job or structure.
  • Be sure to be consistent in the amount of paint applied.
  • To prevent joint lines, keep a wet edge to avoid paint from drying out.
  • Don’t stop painting in the middle of a continuous wall or trim surface.
  • Do not stop painting until the whole wall is completed. If you do, paint will dry and colour will intensify and darken causing joint lines.

If paint is still wet:

  • Dilute the paint with some water, go over the lap marks and smudge the intensified area using a circular motion or criss-cross strokes.

If paint has dried:

  • Use the leftover paint available or get a new tub of the same variant.
  • Then, add paint onto areas A, B, C and D that are now lighter than the lap marks to make it even again.

Note: Red line in diagram reflects joint lines.


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